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How to Reduce Your Stress and Its Affect on Others

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The customer service manager was noticing that her new hire, who was brimming with enthusiasm upon being hired by the city, was now showing signs of irritability, frustration, and fatigue. Her people skills had seemed strong based on her interview, reference check and training that accompanied onboarding. Yet two months later she was a different person. In their next one-to-one meeting, her manager used some probing questions to try to solve the mystery. LT Stress July...

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How to Create a Powerful Presence

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If you’ve watched the recent presidential debates, nightly newscasts or attended a roundtable of experts at a conference, you’ve likely observed male and female professionals with varying degrees of executive presence. Consciously or unconsciously, their perceived presence has created part of your reaction to them: Do you find them Credible?  Charismatic? Professional? Trustworthy? Presidential? Put another way, would you vote for them? Would you want to work with them? Would you like to be led by them? Would you invest your money in their...

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DiSC-overy: The Gateway to Growth

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For professionals intent on improving their communication and leadership skills, a common question is, “where to start?”. Some want to work better with their teams or become more in sync with others. Some aren’t aware of how colleagues or direct reports see them, or have trouble with certain “types” of workplace...

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Get Smarter…Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

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In the past 25 years much has been written and learned about Emotional Intelligence. Simply put, Emotional intelligence refers to our ability to manage our own emotions, recognize the emotions of others we work with, understand our impact on each other, and in doing so, and learn to work more effectively with them for the common...

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Asking for Feedback

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We once coached an introvert who was reluctant to solicit input from others. Sally lacked confidence in her own ideas and initially didn’t have a sense of her own creativity. When we helped her with asking for feedback, she found people she approached were honored to be asked, and not only did they embrace her ideas but build upon them in a collaborative manner. When she then shared her ideas in the next staff meeting the two colleagues she’d privately approached for feedback were quick to support her ideas as they felt a kinship with her and her...

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The Give & Take of Effective Feedback. Part II

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One of our consultants was delivering a breakout training session at an association’s annual conference when everything that could go wrong did. The handouts were lost, the slides malfunctioned, the room had horrible acoustics. Our consultant’s confidence wavered as several of his stories landed...

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The Give & Take of Effective Feedback. Part I

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Whether you’re a manager, supervisor or co-worker, you are likely giving others feedback. Perhaps it’s in an annual review, after a meeting or during a project review. You may be giving it privately or publicly. Might you be breaking some basic rules of giving or receiving feedback?...

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Illuminating Blind Spots to Improve Your Effectiveness

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Do you sometimes feel misunderstood at work? Are you perplexed that co-workers don’t see you as you see yourself? Would you like to learn what you don’t know about yourself?...

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How to Listen Mindfully

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It’s been said that wherever you go, there you are. Yet how present are you at any given time and place you find yourself? Many professionals sometimes appear in body but little else. Whether with co-workers or customers: don’t get marked as missing in action.  ...

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Get to the Heart of Customer Service

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We were consulting for a client from Latin America whose name was spelled Eugenia. In our one-on-one meetings, one of us kept pronouncing her name “You-Gene-E-Ah” and the interaction felt strictly transactional. She answered the phone one day while we were working together and pronounced her name “O-Hee-Nee-Ya”. We took note. Once we began pronouncing her name properly, our interactions felt much more personal and became productive too. She hadn’t told us that we were pronouncing her name incorrectly… but neither had we asked. Lesson learned.  ...

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