The Consulting Team — Your Partner

in Managing People Successfully

A new City Manager recently hired The Consulting Team to provide training for his executive team. Following the training, the executives, excited to hone their own skills, asked us to be their executive coaches. Trust and transparency quickly developed, and soon we were also coaching the next level of managers. Next, we facilitated their City Council retreat to define and align their priorities. We were very pleased when the City Manager referred us to a high-tech company where we became their executive team coaches and trainers with similar success. This story is representative of the profound effect our firm has on helping our clients facilitate positive change.

Who We Are

The Consulting Team, LLC, is a woman owned small business headquartered in Mountain View, Silicon Valley, California. Marilyn Manning, Ph.D. Psychology, owner, is a seasoned executive coach and facilitator with expertise in leadership assessments, including EQi360 (Emotional Intelligence) and DiSC Communication Styles, teamwork, and conflict mediation. She has successfully resolved many cases, including union grievances. Dr. Manning has a reputation for providing successful and expedient interventions in the most difficult situations.

Our Clientele

Over 95% of our business is repeat or referral, about half with the public sector, and half with corporate and high-tech companies. Dr. Manning founded our company over twenty years ago as a certified management consultant. Due to the demand for her services, she has carefully picked seasoned consultants to build her diverse team.

Our ongoing contracts with companies, cities and counties provide coaching, soft skill trainings, organizational development, facilitation, conflict mediation, and consulting on strategic initiatives including cultural change, customer service, and employee engagement.

Meet Our Team 

Our Executives:

Marilyn Manning, Ph.D., CEO and Founder, mediates tough interpersonal conflicts and coaches executives to elevate their emotional intelligence skills, manage situationally, and strategically model their organization’s mission and values.

Richard Lonergan, CFO and Quality Officer, is a former manager at IBM, General Electric, and Executive Vice-President at Visa International.

Our Senior Associates:

Craig Harrison, an international speaker, coach and author, trains and coaches writing and presentation skills and specializes in leadership development.

Kathye Citron, a coach, facilitator, trainer, and organizational development consultant. Coaches managers how to engage and encourage. 

Stewart Levine, J.D.former Municipal attorney and certified managerial mediator, coaches and trains leaders to build high performance teams by creating agreements and resolving conflicts.

Susan Schwartz, a certified Project Management Professional, coaches and trains in team building leadership, collaboration, and emotional intelligence skills.

Victoria Smith-Raymond, former County Office of Education certified administrator, is an experienced strategic planner and focus group facilitator.

Our Coaching Approach

We have a unique methodology in coaching. We use the rich content from our trainings to provide practical tools, models, and best practices. We partner with our clients, providing regular check-ins to make sure we support their mission, values, and that their expectations and goals are met and aligned. We provide tools to reinforce our work so that when our engagement ends, you have resources to continue supporting professional development.

Our Training Scope

We offer over 30 skill-based trainings virtually or at your location. Our educational, interactive, and fun trainings include: Managing Change: Overcome Resistance and Get Buy In, Using DiSC Styles to Create Rapport and Influence, Resolving Conflict Caused by Difficult Behaviors, Building Great Teams, Emotional Intelligence, Presentation and Influencing Skills, Credibility: How to Earn It and Keep It, Coaching: How to Motivate and Develop Potential, Critical Conversations, and Crash Course for Supervisors.

Stay Connected

For over 20 years, we have published bi-monthly “Leadership Tips” on our website. Recent topics include: How to Listen Mindfully, Coaching for Exceptional Customer Service, Creating an Executive Presence, Retaining Top Talent, Meetings Made Fun and Easy, Managing Multiple Demands, Diffusing Bullying Behaviors, Business Writing, and Stress Management.

Dr. Marilyn Manning was a featured speaker at the National Association of Speakers New Mexico chapter. Her topic was “How to Create a Successful Consulting, Coaching, and Training Company.” Watch this seven minute presentation to learn more about our company, The Consulting Team.