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      quote2 Testimonials

      Conflict Mediation and Coaching:

      “Dr. Manning, of The Consulting Team, provided me with very useful coaching. I learned that I didn’t always have to be right. I learned to exercise more patience in listening to my staff. I received tools that helped me monitor my reactions, words, and body language. In other words, I increased my emotional intelligence.  I also received valuable insight on how to identify the emotions and reactions of those on the other side of a conversation and react to accomplish my goal.  Dr. Manning  not only helped me with my staff but has also helped me with my interactions with my customers,  a truly valuable and worthwhile experience that I enjoyed at every turn.”

      Peter V. Ernster, Jr., Sr. Vice President, Pacific Cheese Company

      Facilitation and Consulting:

      “My first contact with Marilyn was over four years ago to conduct a training program on “Dealing With Difficult Customers”. Since the experience had such a profound effect on our employees, she was invited back on numerous occasions. Her creative ideas for presentations and activities were inventive, entertaining, and astonishingly effective. Marilyn’s exceptional skills and professionalism have enhanced her coaching, training the trainer, personality profile sessions. She has distinguished herself as a conscientious and energetic trainer and coach, and I have enormous respect for her teaching and leadership skills.”

      Kathy Omaye-Sosnow, Vice President, Human Resources, Prysm


      “Marilyn and The Consulting Team’s up front preparation with San Ramon’s City Council, attention to detail, and calm focused approach during the session helped our Council and staff maximize our time together and create clear goals for the City.”

      Greg Rogers, City Manager, and Eric Figueroa, Deputy City Manager, City of San Ramon

      Training and Workshops:

      “I have used the tools and information you provided us on several occasions. They are especially helpful during this time of change.

      Thank you for your sharing your wisdom and insights.”

      Rosemary Fox, Executive VP Satellite-Health