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Managing Multiple Generations


Half-day (3-4 hours)


Are you feeling challenged by the different people you are supervising? Are you wondering how to get different generations to embrace your organization’s mission and values?

This interactive training provides easy-to-use tools to increase engagement and motivation of your diverse workforce, whether in recruiting, retaining, coaching, or rewarding employees.

Participants will apply concepts as they practice and enhance related skills. The tips will help infuse new energy and enthusiasm with any team from a project, a unit, a department, or your entire organization.


  • Understand how to motivate and engage different generations
  • Recognize and appreciate differences in communication styles
  • Discover techniques for building bridges between generations
  • Foster cross-generational mentoring and team interactions to leverage the strengths and uniqueness of each individual


  • Take stock of your team members’ unique skills and strengths
  • Learn techniques for keeping employees engaged
  • Create a learning environment to raise the bar for everyone as you develop your team’s social media savvy, emotional intelligence and listening skills
  • Employ storytelling to deepen the connection between diverse employees
  • Practice different ways of recognizing and celebrating your employees’ accomplishments


“I highly recommend The Consulting Team for their specialized work in the areas of coaching, team building, leadership training, and conflict resolution.”                                                                                                                                       – Dave Kapler, Former Fire Chief, City of Alameda Fire Department




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