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Are Your Employees Being Bullied? July/August 2015

Bullies are no longer confined to the school playground. In fact, the Workplace Bullying Institute has determined that 37% of adult Americans have faced bullies on the job. Difficult people and personalities have always challenged teams and their leaders. Bullying behavior, however, can create stress and anxiety, which can lead to costly personnel issues. The Level Playing Field Institute’s research found $16.2 M for employee turnover; over a million dollars in litigation settlements; and $8 M in lost productivity could be traced back to bullying behaviors. Read More Are Your Employees Being Bullied? July/August 2015 Tips July/August...

Communication: A Key to Customer Satisfaction, May/June 2015

Henry Ford, founder of the American automobile industry, said, “It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.” Imagine your boss telling you, “You were late turning in your assignment, and when I read it, I realized you didn’t give me what I wanted.” What would your response be? You might take a deep breath and say, “I’m sorry for any inconvenience I caused you. I misunderstood your directions and the due date. I promise to deliver the corrected assignment to you right away.” Consider the four basic needs of most customers: To feel welcome and comfortable To be heard and understood To feel important and...

How to Communicate During Change, March 2015

Thoughtful communication is essential at each stage of change. After employees move beyond denial and they have time to vent, their leaders can help them explore, accept, and commit to the change. Leaders who persuade employees to explore the opportunities and benefits of the change help them to accept it. ! Have you ever watched a movie where the newly-single lead character decides to try speed dating? This is where couples have five to ten minutes to meet, try to create chemistry, and persuade the other to accept a date. Similarly, in today’s busy workplace, leaders may only have five to ten minutes to persuade employees to accept a new direction. Read More How to Communicate during Change, March 2015   Mar 2015 Newsletter...

Communicating about Change: Overcoming Denial and Resistance, January 2015

Whether you communicate to customers, citizens, or other employees, your ability to provide useful information, listen, and respond to other’s ideas is critical to you and your organization’s success. This is even more important when things change. Consider this: when IT departments change computer systems or revise software programs, they don’t consider the hardware’s reaction to those changes. Any glitches in the roll-out will not be system rejection, slowdowns, or grievances. Read more: Communicating about Change: Overcoming Denial and...