You’ve Got Stories: Using Storytelling to Inspire, Engage, and Educate

Storytelling to Inspire

The Consulting Team, LLC

Are you using stories as a method of coaching, persuading or bolstering your messages? In business, story is a powerful and effective way to engage your listeners and readers, connect on a heart level, put a human face on stats, facts and figures, and elicit empathy and foster trust. Add stories to your toolkit for use in staff meetings, when presenting to a council or board, delivering a report, or coaching a direct report.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basics of story structure
  • Learn techniques for telling short, impactful business stories
  • Experience the power of digital storytelling
  • Learn to stir deep emotions and galvanize your listeners to care and support your projects and initiatives


  • You will create a list of stories and structures for telling your stories and receive tips for effective telling, and a new tool to complement facts and figures.
  • As a result you will lead, influence and persuade more effectively in your spoken and written presentations.