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Working Across Teams


Half-day (3-4 hours) or Full-day (6 Hours)


Are you challenged by interdivisional, interagency, or interdepartmental conflict and competitiveness? Do you need assistance in being more effective in providing goals, values, and direction to individuals who must work together, although they work on different teams or different organizations?  This training will focus on building alignment of goals and creating respectful relationships.


–        Provide the framework for building teamwork and interagency collaboration

–        Give strategies and techniques to empower and motivate teamwork

–        Practice skills for managing disruptive and difficult team interactions


–        Understanding and addressing the stages of team development

–        Creating clear roles, responsibilities and expectations

–        Encouraging creativity and collaboration

–        Assessing communication styles and capitalizing on diversity

–        Building positive relationships through feedback and communications


“At a round table after The Consulting Team’s Team Building Workshop, we ascertained expectations and thoughts from our group and got really positive feedback. In all of my five team building workshops, this one was definitely the most structured, realistic, and useful workshop I have attended. Thanks again to The Consulting Team.”  

– Brian Foley, Chief of Police, Union City Police Department, California




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