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Using Assertiveness to Diffuse Sticky Situations


Half-day (3-4 hours)


Do you avoid difficult conversations? Do you wish you could handle sticky situations with more confidence and ease? Through the use of exercises and role play, participants practice engaging in conversations that tackle and tame disruptive behaviors and situations in and around their work group. They learn how to manage interactions so that respect, trust, and professionalism are restored, and team results are improved.


–        Create successful interactions when dealing with peers, direct reports, and your manager

–        Enhance trust and build effective relationships

–        Create conditions conducive to discussing even the stickiest workplace situations with co-workers, direct reports, and/or your supervisor


–        Getting comfortable with confronting uncomfortable situations

–        Handling challenging behaviors calmly and professionally

–        Reducing anger and negativity – yours and others

–        Communicating tough messages skillfully


 “The agreement made during training was to practice the tools The Consulting Team provided us. Our group continues to have challenges, but we are using these tools to work through misunderstandings that arise in our team interactions. In the past we would “clash” and hit a wall. With these tools we can break through the barriers. Now we can talk about the issues and move forward with less tension.”

– Betty Luna, Vice President of Facilities, San Jose State University




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