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Think on Your Feet: Develop Your Ability to Think, Speak and Act Spontaneously


Half-day (3-4 Hours)


Would you like to be more confident in the moment? Would you like to be able to think, speak and act in rapidly unfolding situations when the best-laid plans get thrown to the wind? Many professionals are decisive, confident and creative…until the moment they must improvise. Yet you probably have the training, experience and instincts to be brilliant in the moment with the right tools and confidence.


–        Learn to rely on your instincts and trust your gut

–        Adapt to a wide variety of circumstances

–        Creatively ad-lib and go “off script”


–        Employing the “Yes, and…” concept to create alternate plans, conceive non-linear designs, and co-create collaborative


–        Making rapid-fire decisions with confidence through a series of improvisational activities and games

–        Developing resourcefulness when relying on your native problem-solving skills

–        Experiencing the glory of Ideation, a special brainstorming process

–        Practicing accepting offers as starting points for flexibility




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