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The Communication Coach II


The Communication Coach II

Tips FROM the Pros, FOR the Pros!
Featuring Dr. Marilyn Manning,

Price: $19.95 + tax and shipping

Publisher: COTL Publishing
First Published: 2006

“Business communications often fail to keep pace with the demand for real-time communications to address mission-critical business needs. They (communications) unravel communication bottlenecks, tie together applications, solve the simplest of challenges and support closer collaboration across the enterprise.”

From a 2006 consulting study commissioned by Cisco Systems

Why Poor Communication Skills Could Kill YOUR Business!

In almost every study that looked at the challenges that businesses face today, “lack of communication” or “poor communication skills” ALWAYS ranked in the top three. Is that the case in YOUR business? Are communication problems hampering your productivity, causing costly mistakes or lowering morale?

WHY HAS IT NOT BEEN SOLVED? Most consultants and trainers focus on one very specific area of communication skills or if they do present an OVERALL SOLUTION, it is a very costly process. You don’t have the time or the money to invest in expensive consultants.

WHAT IF you could improve your communication skills—in both your personal and professional life—without having to go to therapy? Now you can have the EXPERTISE OF 14 OF THE TOP COMMUNICATIONS TRAINERS/CONSULTANTS IN THE WORLD at your fingertips in one book!

The Communication Coach II brings together these 14 professionals to share their knowledge of those communication woes that plague most organizations. Most publications are author-centered and give you ONE AUTHOR’S perspective on one very specific challenge. No book has attempted to attack the communication challenge as a whole UNTIL NOW. The Communication Coach II features internationally renowned authors Dr. Marilyn Manning—expert in conflict mediation and change, Jeff Tobe—guru of creativity and innovation, Dr. Manny Steil—a world-expert in listening skills, Sue Hershkowitz-Coore—internationally acclaimed author and 11 others!

So, if you need to better YOUR communication skills or if you want to see what the experts are saying, order your copy of The Communication Coach II today.