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quote2 Testimonials

“Dr. Manning, of The Consulting Team, provided me with very useful coaching. I learned that I didn’t always have to be right. I learned to exercise more patience in listening to my staff. I received tools that helped me monitor my reactions, words, and body language. In other words, I increased my emotional intelligence.  I also received valuable insight on how to identify the emotions and reactions of those on the other side of a conversation and react to accomplish my goal.  Dr. Manning  not only helped me with my staff but has also helped me with my interactions with my customers,  a truly valuable and worthwhile experience that I enjoyed at every turn.”

Peter V. Ernster, Jr., Sr. Vice President, Pacific Cheese Company


“My first contact with Marilyn was over four years ago to conduct a training program on “Dealing With Difficult Customers”. Since the experience had such a profound effect on our employees, she was invited back on numerous occasions. Her creative ideas for presentations and activities were inventive, entertaining, and astonishingly effective. Marilyn’s exceptional skills and professionalism have enhanced her coaching, training the trainer, personality profile sessions. She has distinguished herself as a conscientious and energetic trainer and coach, and I have enormous respect for her teaching and leadership skills.”

Kathy Omaye-Sosnow, Vice President, Human Resources, Prysm


“Marilyn and The Consulting Team’s up front preparation with San Ramon’s City Council, attention to detail, and calm focused approach during the session helped our Council and staff maximize our time together and create clear goals for the City.”

Greg Rogers, City Manager, and Eric Figueroa, Deputy City Manager, City of San Ramon


“I have used the tools and information you provided us on several occasions. They are especially helpful during this time of change.

Thank you for your sharing your wisdom and insights.”

Rosemary Fox, Executive VP Satellite-Health 


“I highly recommend the services of Dr. Marilyn Manning to organizations interested in improving their performance through innovative leadership strategies. She has a wealth of expertise in team building and the development of strategic plans. Her approach to relationship building at various levels of an organization has been very well received. She has helped leaders develop a greater understanding of how their interpersonal communications style can be enhanced to maximize productivity and job satisfaction.”

Walter Tibbett, City of Fairfield, Police Chief


“Marilyn always brings a unique and invigorating perspective to her trainings. The work she has done coaching supervisors and managers has proven to be very effective in changing negative behaviors and actions that can be a hindrance in the workplace. She is honest, insightful and non-threatening.”

Karen McNamara, Public Services Academy, City of San Ramon


“I have worked with Dr. Marilyn Manning, of The Consulting Team, for many years. She recently facilitated a team building discussion and interactive activities based on the DiSC communication style assessment. Everyone loved the session!! It has been a helpful tool for our team development. People really responded to her good energy and positive personality. Thanks!!

Regina Maurantonio, Recreation & Community Services Director, City of Campbell


“What started out as a conflict resolution situation has turned out to be an incredibly important step in my professional development. The tension in the office is gone and my victories are many due to the coaching. Dr. Marilyn Manning and The Consulting Team brought many new tools to my tool box and the skills to know how to use them. I now have an understanding of the different personality traits and have learned how to work with them. Our work together has positively impacted almost all of my interactions with colleagues as well as with our clients.”

Michael Fitzpatrick, Associate Vice President, T. Y. Lin International Group


“I want to thank Elaine Schmitz of The Consulting Team for a great training in Customer Service. Recently my staff has been through a few trainings and rates Elaine’s training among the best. They appreciated she followed the flow of conversation and encouraged participation while still staying on task. I would definitely have her back as a trainer.”

Henry Perezalonso, Recreation Services Manager, Town of Danville


“As HR practitioners, we may find situations when conflict transcends the internal expertise needed to return parties to an “acceptable working relationship.” Our senior-level employees’ negative relationship impacted their roles and “spilled over” to an entire functional area. Thankfully, we engaged The Consulting Team’s expert services. Facilitation between the senior-level employees returned normal professional relationships. This outcome had a visible positive impact on their work groups.”

HR Director, Cal State University at Pomona


“I couldn’t be more pleased with how The Consulting Team’s training session on Managing Change and Communications was conducted and the results. I believe that it will be referenced as a moment in time that swept us forward from talking about change to actually changing. I mean that. The reaction of my staff was very positive, thanks to your efforts and mastery.”

Director of Library Services, City of Mountain View


“At a round table after The Consulting Team’s “Team Building Workshop”, we ascertained expectations and thoughts from the group and really got positive feedback. In all of my 5 team buildings this one was definitely the most structured, realistic, and useful workshop I have attended in my career. Thanks again to our workshop leader, Elaine Schmitz”

Chief of Police, City of Union City


“The Consulting Team expertly led our executive team through competitive assessment, strategic planning, priorities, and goals setting. More impressive, they brought out our untapped creative side to go beyond where we believed the company could.”

Peter Nelson, CEO and Board Chair, California Water Services


“Our ongoing relationship with the Consulting Team has given us the confidence that, come what may, we will be able to work it out and move forward. Rules of engagement developed in mediation sessions have changed how we behave individually and as a group.”

Director of Administration, Minami Tamaki LLP Attorneys of Law


“I have recommended Dr. Manning for the coaching of executives and employees in a wide variety of business settings. I have found her to be able to diffuse interpersonal problems and to successfully move employees toward collaborative engagement.” – Sandra R. McCandless, Attorney at Law “Dr. Manning was very responsive and handled a very sensitive matter very effectively, bridging significant cultural differences with tremendous expertise. Her work was thorough and she was able to conclude the matter on time. This client was pleased and she worked with legal counsel seamlessly.”

Linda Usoz, Attorney at Law


“We have used Dr. Manning, of The Consulting Team, to facilitate teambuilding, assess and coach leaders, and mediate workplace conflicts. Marilyn’s warmth and ability to go into any situation and work with a variety of technical and non-technical people creates an immense resources for us. We love her enthusiasm and we love working with her.”

Maureen McGraw, Human Resources Director, Meyer Sound


Dr. Manning’s ability to listen carefully, ask crucial questions, and combine big-picture management ideas with immediately applicable practices and structures made an immediate difference for me.”

Mitch Bostian, Head of School, The Berkeley School


“I learned a lot! I will definitely be a more effective leader. I will be more open to suggestions from all staff. I have learned that issues I may think are little are huge to other people. I must be prepared to hear the truth.”

Capt. Matt Schuler, Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff


“I continue to see what an impact your coaching and training with us have had on our team. One of my managers just said to me that she thinks this is the best library team ever, and she’s been here over 35 years! You are awesome!”

Rosanne M. Macek, Director of Library Services, City of Mountain View


“Dr. Manning has been able to tackle sticky situations that would leave others scratching their heads. She’s a delight to work with and it’s been my pleasure to collaborate with her many times. She is a true professional, committed to results, and extremely talented.”

Kimberly Wiefling, President, Wiefling Consulting