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Resolving Conflict Caused By Difficult or Unacceptable Behaviors

Half-day (3-4 hours)


Are interpersonal conflicts wasting a lot of your time and energy? Don’t you wish everyone would just get along? This interactive training provides ways to identify conflict sources, brainstorm resolutions, and handle potential conflicts. Participants will apply concepts as they practice to enhance their listening, conflict resolution, and communication skills.


–        Understand the sources and signs of conflict

–        Gain useful communications and mediation skills

–         Monitor your personal reactions to conflict and difficult situations


–        Identifying conflicts and their sources

–        Reading people and their diverse communication styles

–        Practicing good listening skills

–        Diffusing negative emotions to resolve conflicts

–        Creating and applying effective behavioral agreements


“I have known Dr. Manning and The Consulting Team for over 20 years. During that time they have helped with a variety of personnel issues from teambuilding to individual coaching with excellent results. They are very knowledgeable and relate well with employees at every level.”

– Pat Cabrera, CFO, StopWaste, Alameda County



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