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Strategic Change Demanded Consistent and Clear Communication: After The Consulting Team facilitated a strategic planning workshop, the organization’s planning committee asked us to coach them to communicate proposed changes effectively. We helped them develop a plan that provided specifics of what, when, and how to communicate to all staff and stakeholders. The organization rolled out their strategic plan with assurance, cooperation, and success.

Merger Nightmares: Two similar departments merged to remain viable and better serve the public. Concerned about the effects of different internal processes, the director of the newly combined department tasked The Consulting Team to ease the transition. We facilitated aligning mission, vision, and values. We created common expectations through training and communications coaching. The new entity proceeded with confidence and clear strategic direction to fullfill their academiccomplete a successful merger.


First Aid for a New Supervisor: The head of a utilities district called The Consulting Team for help with a new supervisor. Although he showed high potential in technical matters, his dictatorial management style created problems for his team and the district. We coached him on the basics of supervision, developing trust and respect with his team, and practicing listening skills to resolve and defuse conflict. Our review later found the supervisor excelling in his job and back on track with his boss’s expectations.

Leader Inherits Rebellious Team: A long-term client recently took over a major government agency impacted by eroded trust and unresolved personnel and work issues. He called on The Consulting Team to blast through smoldering resentments and help him forge a new start. We created a safe environment in which we facilitated an exercise that cut through the trust concerns and underlying contentions. The group dynamics shifted immediately to re-form a healthy, productive team.

Committing to and Collaborating with a New Leader:  A new District Attorney, promoted from within his organization, needed his team’s commitment to collaborative management and improving key processes. He asked The Consulting Team to facilitate a three-day planning session. We guided the leadership team through a series of discussions, helping them to develop strategic questions, to explore new ways of thinking, and formulate concrete actions plans. The team reported they were energized by the results and squarely behind their new leader and the team.


City Manager Struggles with New Council: The new city manager faced his first change of mayor and council members. He needed to get all on board quickly and gain buy-in to the city’s effort to tame a tough budget. The Consulting Team crafted a team building agenda that focused on the city’s annual accomplishments. Emphasis was on advances by all departments through teamwork with each other and the community. We laid the groundwork through exercises and issue-related dialogues, and a solid relationship was formed with the newly elected officials.

Succession Plans for Rapid Attrition: A new police chief and his command staff faced deep budget cuts and numerous command staff retirements. He needed to solidify his team to meet the challenges of the next few years. The Consulting Team facilitated their strategic planning session and gave them the tools to unite the team and make the right decisions. They called upon us to help revise their strategies three years later, and we found they had built a stronger department per the plan, ahead of their timeline.

Committing to and Collaborating with a New Leader: A new District Attorney, promoted from within his organization, needed his team’s commitment to collaborative management and improving key processes. He asked The Consulting Team to facilitate a three-day planning session. We guided the leadership team through a series of discussions, helping them to develop strategic questions, to explore new ways of thinking, and formulate concrete actions plans. The team reported they were energized by the results and squarely behind their new leader and the team.

Politically Charged Differences Cause Standoff: City council members were at odds with each other and mayor because of basic philosophical and political differences. Disagreements were impeding the council’s decision-making and teamwork. The city manager requested meeting facilitation from The Consulting Team. In a few meetings we established and maintained respectful ground rules, supported open discussion, and aided the council to review and vote on important issues.


Physician Overcomes a Team with Low Morale: A physician from a large health care provider found his team’s productivity and attitudes dropping. His team consisted of other physicians, registered nurses, physician assistants, and other support staff. He hired us to interview each team member to assess the severity of the issues. He also asked us to give a communication assessment to each member. In the first team meeting, we set new team behavioral agreement, clearly defined roles and some of the protocols, and addressed some of the unresolved conflicts. We provided executive coaching for the top physician and team coaching for the others. After a series of meetings and coaching sessions, everyone on the team reported improvements in morale, trust, and productivity.

Resuscitation for a Seasoned Supervisor: Inappropriate remarks by a supervisor to a staff member prompted a department head to request The Consulting Team assess issues and coach the offending supervisor. The Consulting Team, using the EQi Emotional Intelligence 360˚ Evaluation, provided him with vital and useful feedback on how others perceived him. We gave individualized coaching to the man based on primary improvement opportunities the evaluation identified. The supervisor reported he received support and new skills from the coaching session that he applied on the job. His boss and the department head saw great improvement in the man’s attitude and job performance.


Taking Command in a Demanding Environment: A newly promoted department head and her staff had been demoralized by retirements, a stringent budget, and unresolved  issues. The Consulting Team facilitated several team building sessions to develop strategic plans, practice better communications skills, and learn how to manage change. The leaders and staff gained a firm foundation and created strategic initiatives to rebuild a stable, productive department.

Years of Drastic Change:  Personnel problems and organizational issues overwhelmed an agency after several years of drastic changes and funding cuts. The director requested The Consulting Team conduct a thorough assessment and develop remedial responses. We provided recommendations for personnel changes and spearheaded adoption of shared values throughout the organization. We also taught a Leadership Academy to all managers on change management, communications, team building, and performance development practices. The managers responded quickly to the material and applied their new skills. Personnel changes greatly improved the organization’s functioning.

quote2 Testimonials


“I have worked with Dr. Marilyn Manning, of The Consulting Team, for many years. She recently facilitated a team building discussion and interactive activities based on the DiSC communication style assessment. Everyone loved the session!! It has been a helpful tool for our team development. People really responded to her good energy and positive personality. Thanks!!

Regina Maurantonio, Recreation & Community Services Director, City of Campbell


“I want to thank Elaine Schmitz of The Consulting Team for a great training in Customer Service. Recently my staff has been through a few trainings and rates Elaine’s training among the best. They appreciated she followed the flow of conversation and encouraged participation while still staying on task. I would definitely have her back as a trainer.”

Henry Perezalonso, Recreation Services Manager, Town of Danville


“As HR practitioners, we may find situations when conflict transcends the internal expertise needed to return parties to an “acceptable working relationship.” Our senior-level employees’ negative relationship impacted their roles and “spilled over” to an entire functional area. Thankfully, we engaged The Consulting Team’s expert services. Facilitation between the senior-level employees returned normal professional relationships. This outcome had a visible positive impact on their work groups.”

HR Director, Cal State University at Pomona


“I couldn’t be more pleased with how The Consulting Team’s training session on Managing Change and Communications was conducted and the results. I believe that it will be referenced as a moment in time that swept us forward from talking about change to actually changing. I mean that. The reaction of my staff was very positive, thanks to your efforts and mastery.”

Director of Library Services, City of Mountain View


“At a round table after The Consulting Team’s “Team Building Workshop”, we ascertained expectations and thoughts from the group and really got positive feedback. In all of my 5 team buildings this one was definitely the most structured, realistic, and useful workshop I have attended in my career. Thanks again to our workshop leader, Elaine Schmitz”

Chief of Police, City of Union City


“The Consulting Team expertly led our executive team through competitive assessment, strategic planning, priorities, and goals setting. More impressive, they brought out our untapped creative side to go beyond where we believed the company could.”

CEO, California Water Services


“Our ongoing relationship with the Consulting Team has given us the confidence that, come what may, we will be able to work it out and move forward. Rules of engagement developed in mediation sessions have changed how we behave individually and as a group.”

Director of Administration, Minami Tamaki LLP Attorneys of Law


“There was a high level of energy throughout the day and you demonstrated your well-honed skills and ability to relate to the group. Thanks for making the day such a success.”

Library Director, City of San Jose Assistant


“Your enthusiasm and ready sense of humor and fun made the topic exciting and inspiring. When I look back at the evaluations of participants, I find that their assessment agrees with mine: highly effective and inspirational!”

County of Los Angeles, Library


“On behalf of our City Council and staff, I would like to thank you for your continued quality consulting and facilitation work with the City of Redwood City.”

Interim City Manager, City of Redwood City