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Professionalism in the Office

____ Professionalism in the OfficeProven Techniques for Administrators, Secretaries, and Coordinators

Revised Edition of Professional Excellence for Secretaries


By Marilyn Manning

Price: $13.95 + tax and shipping
ISBN: 1-56052-606-8

Publisher: Crisp Publications, Inc.

First Published: 2001


Whether your job title reads “Administrative Assistant,” “Executive Assistant,” or “Secretary,” you are a key member of your organization. To be a successful administrator, you must be able to establish priorities, coordinate projects, and organize resources. You must also know how to communicate effectively and become adept at developing strong working relationships while simultaneously juggling many tasks. This book will teach you how! It will also provide you with tools you need for assessing and refining your professional image and with techniques to help you commit to a positive change that will benefit you and your organization.

Professionalism in the Office is an easy-to-read, interactive book that will show you that the power to succeed is in your hands. It is full of self-assessments, exercises, and examples to help you achieve a winning attitude, maintain flexibility, and make you more confident and capable every day on the job. By using the techniques outlined here, you will manage your job with less stress and frustration, enjoy your work more, and enhance both your personal and professional value. You can do it!