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Office Management


____ Office ManagementA Productivity and Effectiveness Guide


By Marilyn Manning and Patricia HaddockPrice: $13.95 + tax and shipping

ISBN: 1-56052-604-1

Publisher: Crisp Publications, Inc.

First Published: 2001


The modern office doesn’t look anything like the office of 25 years ago but they usually have one thing in common—the function of office management. The tasks may be very different today, extending well beyond checking the supply cabinet. But it still comes down to managing the three W’s: Workers, Workplace, and Workflow to ensure that the people, the facilities, and the timing of any activity are all part of an orchestrated plan which achieves the results needed.

Office Management is a guide to organizing the essential tasks of an office manager. The role requires a variety of skills and a lot of patience. You have to be a people person who can assemble teams; you have to be a planner and you must be able to set standards and controls to achieve the productivity required; you need to be able to communicate effectively with co-workers and meet their needs and those of your customers. In short, the role is more like a conductor of a symphony than a warden and this book can be your resource for quick review or ready reference.

“A practical guide for increasing office productivity. I recommend it for beginners as will as experienced managers. ‘Must’ reading for anyone in an office environment.”

—George Perazo,
Executive Director, Leadership Academy