Managing Change: Overcome Resistance and Get Buy-in

 Half-day (3-4 hours)

How do you deal with the pressure of constant change? Do you have to do more with less, or do it faster, cheaper and better? Change provides the opportunity for creativity. Are you focused in managing change or are you reacting to problems? This workshop is designed to help you create strategies to overcome resistance to change and implement for success.

–        Learn to build buy-in and motivate for
–        Focus on innovation rather than      
–        Overcome resistance and create
          readiness for change


–        Creating a positive change mindset
–        Designing a game plan for change
–        Responding to the stages of change
–        Applying situational change strategies
–        Learning how to facilitate constructive
          venting sessions

“I couldn’t be more pleased with how The Consulting Team’s training session on Managing Change and Communications was conducted and with its results. I believe that it will be referenced as a moment in time that swept us forward from talking about change to actually changing. I mean that. The reaction of my staff was very positive, thanks to The Consulting Team’s  efforts and mastery.”
– Steve Chase, Department Manager,
City of Stockton