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Leadership Skills for Women


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Leadership Skills for WomenAchieving Impact as a Manager

Price: $13.95 + tax and shippingBy Marilyn Manning and Patricia Haddock

ISBN: 1-56052-325-5

Publisher: Crisp Publications, Inc.

First Published: 1989


No one becomes a strong leader overnight. Leadership comes from a combination of good personal skills, talent, and character. As a woman leader, you possess unique talents that can help you achieve a positive impact as a manager.

Leadership Skills for Women helps women leaders of today showcase their abilities. You will learn how to shape and nurture your leadership style through effective goal setting, successful conflict resolution, and personal development. It is essential, especially in today’s more collaborative environment, to build a cohesive team. Get advice on how to coax the best efforts out of everyone on your team using the seven basics of team leadership. This book also gives you the tools to rate yourself as a leader and to evaluate your team members through various exercises. Learn how to delegate skillfully and to master the art of effective feedback using “I” messages.

To be a successful leader, you must also take time for personal improvement. This book offers suggestions on developing assertiveness, projecting authority, maintaining a positive attitude, and empowering others. Set a good example and help your team function better. Your leadership style is influenced by everything you have observed, learned, and absorbed in your lifetime. With the help of this book, you can learn to put that experience, as well as your unique talents, to work.

“An action-oriented book that gives the busy working woman an ‘extra edge’ to succeed in her job.”

—Director, National Association of Female Executives