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Facilitation Retreats and Off-Site Meetings


Was the last meeting you held the best use of everyone’s time? Would the attendees rate it outstanding? Meetings consume lots of time, money, and energy. How about your next one? The Consulting Team will help you get the results you need. As neutral facilitators, we can help prioritize issues, handle any difficult group dynamics, and energize your team to be creative, non-blaming problem-solvers.


The Consulting Team:

• Assesses needs, goals, and expectations

• Keeps meetings focused on deliverables

• Works well with diversity and challenging groups

• Clarifies roles and responsibilities

• Assures accountability

• Establishes behavioral guidelines and protocol

• Uses conflict and feedback constructively

• Builds group commitment, alignment, and trust


“Creating change in an organization is process. The Consulting Team assisted the department in creating a sense of urgency. This enabled us to come together as a team to analyze our current situation, create a vision for the department, and then to develop strategies to achieve the vision.”

              – Chief Mike Harden, Modesto Police Department



Training and Workshops