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Emotional Intelligence: What It Is and How to Increase Yours


Half-day (3-4 hours)


Are you skillful in recognizing your emotions and how they affect your work?  Would you like to improve your ability to collaborate with, motivate, and influence others? Would you like tools to increase your self-awareness. This training will teach you how to increase your skills in harnessing your emotions and monitoring their impact on your environment and your performance.


        Understand the importance of emotional intelligence

        Appreciate the power that emotions have on your success

        Increase your related skills and self-awareness


        Taking stock of your emotional intelligence skills

        Identifying your emotions and how they affect you and impact others

        Managing your stress to maintain your professionalism

        Building your credibility

        Recognizing your impact on others


“The Consulting Team did a great job in facilitating our training during a significant transition of half my command staff to new assignments. We identified needed skills, assessed our strengths, and defined productive ways to implement them. I plan on continuing to look to The Consulting Team for future assistance and recommend them as trainers, facilitators, and coaches.”

– Jon Cox, Chief of Police, City of Dixon, CA



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