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Diffusing Bullying Behaviors Through Coaching and Assessments


Are you receiving complaints about bullying behavior or a hostile work environment? Are you frustrated dealing with bullying behaviors and other sticky personnel issues? Are you tired of aggressive individuals who have strong personal agendas? Do you find yourself wasting energy trying to accommodate  demanding egos? Aggressive and bullying behaviors can be very intimidating. They can increase stress and can even become litigious.


We help you create a more positive work environment by coaching difficult individuals to modify their negative behaviors. We also conduct environmental and team assessments.



We coach  leaders, managers and professionals to:


• Reduce anger and negativity by understanding their own emotions

• Develop communication strategies with positive impacts

• Stay calm and exercise restraint even when under a lot of pressure

• Sharpen listening skills and patience and modify Type A behaviors

• Learn how to deal with different personality styles

• Enhance their relationships by increasing their emotional intelligence



“I have recommended Dr. Manning for the coaching of executives and employees in a wide variety of business settings. I have found her to be able to diffuse interpersonal problems and to successfully move employees toward collaborative engagement.”

 – Sandra R. McCandless, Attorney at Law




Training and Workshops