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How to Build Customer Service from the Inside Out

by Dr. Marilyn Manning “Always do right. This will surprise some and astonish the rest.” Mark Twain Davidow and Uttal (1990) say, in their book Total Customer Service, The Ultimate Weapon, that “Thousands of businesses will be shaken and even shattered by their inability to render effective customer service,” Quality service is defined as, “building customer loyalty and goodwill by exceeding expectations and needs”. From my observation, organizations that consistently deliver outstanding service practice the same level of service with employees. Inside customer service is a critical foundation often neglected. And, building employee loyalty can pay big dividends. A recent MCI-Gallup poll of CEOs said that the most important sources for a competitive advantage are quality, service, and responsiveness. Why not begin on the inside to insure employee and customer loyalty? It is surprising how easy it is to take other employees for granted. Do you and your staff always apply common courtesies to each other? Does your team or organization have clear behavioral expectations or an effective “code of...

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