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Building Better Teams


Half-day (3-4 hours)

Do you have a diverse group of individuals that need to work together for common goals? Are you having challenges building alignment and keeping your team motivated and engaged? This training helps you build better teams by using practical tools, communication tips, meeting management guidelines, and models that enable diverse individuals to work cohesively and productively.



–        Build synergy and trust within your team

–        Align team values, expectations, and responsibilities

–        Enhance team problem-solving and decision-making


–        Understanding the stages of team development

–        Establishing team problem solving models

–        Designing behavioral protocol

–        Facilitating and motivating others through change

–        Recognizing and capitalizing on diversity



“I continue to see what an impact your coaching and training has had on our team. One of my managers just said to me that she thinks this is the best library team ever, and she’s been here over 35 years! You are awesome!”

  – Rosanne M. Macek, Director of Library Services, City of Mountain View



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