Ask, Listen, and Influence: Develop Skills of Inquiry and Listening
Half-day (3-4 hours)
As a professional or a leader at any level, your ability to ask better questions, listen fully and understand your diverse workforce are the keys to coalescing teams, navigating workgroups through change, and mobilizing them to a common cause. This training helps you become more service-oriented by mastering the art of inquiry, sharpening your listening skills, and enhancing your abilities to work with cross-generational teams.

–        Avoid common listening mistakes that can erode trust and respect
–        Build trust through listening techniques in live and remote conversations
–        Apply questions strategically to guide conversations to key objectives
–        Learn Appreciative Inquiry tools

–        Using open-ended, closed-ended and rhetorical questions to gather information, isolate issues, and garner agreement
–        Mastering 15 ways to use questions to help you uncover root causes and issues and build consensus
–        Understanding the meta-messages embedded within communication
–        Experiencing the effect of multi-tasking on listening
–        Turning dissent and objections into agreement through questioning and listening strategies

“Craig and The Consulting Team are fantastic and enthusiastic presenters. They gave us so many tools to be even more service-oriented.”
– Tiffany Tedesco,
Program Manager,
Second Harvest Food Bank
of Santa Clara
and San Mateo Counties