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The Consulting Team, LLC, was founded by international author, speaker, and certified management consultant Dr. Marilyn Manning, Ph.D. For over 20 years The Consulting Team has helped their clients solve difficult organizational and people problems.

“In the Yolo County District Attorney’s 2-day annual management workshop we created a new vision statement; mission statement; goals, values and biliefs, and strategic priorities for 2014.  The workshop facilitated by Dr. Marilyn Manning was highly successful from the  perspective of the long time participants;  “the best one we’ve ever had,” “so productive this year”!   There were many who left the session looking at their jobs in a more positive light.” Deborah J. Geisser, Chief of Finance and Administration Yolo County District Attorney

tct-marilyn2Dr. Marilyn Manning For over 20 years the consultants of The Consulting Team have helped their clients solve difficult organizational and people problems. The Consulting Team, LLC was founded by international author, speaker, and certified management consultant Dr. Marilyn Manning. The Consulting Team is a recognized expert in many areas including communication, training, facilitation, coaching, leadership development, change, conflict mediation, strategic planning, and team building. Our success is evident in that 94% of our work is repeat business.

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The Consulting Team, LLC

tct-richardRichard Lonergan Richard Lonergan, M.A., supports The Consulting Team with CFO expertise and contributes his thirty-two years in the computer-information processing and finance industries. His experience includes roles as Executive Vice President of Visa International, General Manager of General Electric Computer Services, and Systems Engineering Manager for the IBM Corporation. His experience managing systems support, consulting services, and major bank card expansion provides a unique perspective.Richard also supports community service. He is an active member of the Board of Directors for SPUR (San Francisco Planning and Urban Research), the Board of Trustees of Palo Alto University, the Board of the New Century Chamber Orchestra, and the Board of the Los Altos Theater Company.

VictoriaVictoria Smith-Raymond Victoria Smith-Raymond, EDAD Higher Education, is a coach, facilitator, educator, and speaker. With over twenty years of experience, Victoria assists clients requiring a meeting facilitator, effective communication and interactive coach, conflict resolution mediator, and team-building workshop leader. She combines interactive group work with descriptive visual presentations, to increase engagement and achieve the goals of her clients. Her expertise includes Creative Thinking Processes. Victoria, a Senior Consultant with Dr. Marilyn Manning, and The Consulting Team is State of California POST certified. She has sat on several community service boards, and spent several years as an advisor for crisis management teams both internationally and at the state level. Credentials: Ed Ad Graduate Degree in Higher Education/Leadership, ICA Facilitation Certification, TCI Certification, Cornell University.

Kathye Citron,  former CEO and Executive Director has also been in the consulting and training industry for more than 15 years. She specializes in human resources issues, strategic planning, team building, problem solving, career development, conflict resolution, and outplacement. She actedFullSizeRender (2) as Ombudsman for Presidio Graduate School, as well as sitting on their Board of Trustees. Kathye has worked with government entities, NGOs, and for profit companies. Her presentation skills have led to local and national media interviews on career and labor market issues. She excels at training and presenting to groups of up to 500. She blends an encouraging and positive tone with conviction that there is a creative solution to every business challenge. Her BA is in Psychology along with graduate work in Business.

Craig Harrison is an author, trainer, consultant and coach who builds competencies and confidence in professionals. Whether coaching start-ups anharrison_j46rB-O_whited non- profit leadership teams or training governmental agencies or Fortune 100 companies, Craig’s ability to instill passion about excellence helps his clients aspire to and achieve success. His primary focuses are on workplace and marketing communication, customer service and leadership. Craig has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Selling Power and BusinessWeek. His clients include cities of San Jose, Oakland, Modesto and the counties of Contra Costa and Madera. He has also worked with BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), California Department of Health Services, Union Sanitary District, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, the Department of Energy, Bank of America, McKesson, CIGNA, Hewlett-Packard, Pfizer, Sheraton Hotels, Staples and United Airlines.

Stewart Levine creates powerful partnerships. As a lawyer he realized fighting is ineffective in resolving problems. At AT&T he realized collaborations fail because people do not create shared vision and a road map to results. His book Getting to Resolution: Turning Conflict into Collaboration is an international bestseller. A former municipal attorney he has facilitated strategic planning and teamwork for city councils, boards, and city departments. He has coached managers and executives in communication skills, conflict resolution, relationship building, emotional intelligence and leadership. He is a Certified Managerial Mediator and has helped resolve workplace conflicts such as board disputes, employee dissatisfaction, and conflicts among employees. In addition to his consulting, coaching and mediation work he teaches for The American Management Association and has served on the faculty of a number of Graduate Schools.

Susan Schwartz is a coach, consultant, and facilitator. Her work is based on real world applications of emotional intelligence precepts to develop change strategies, build teams, and manage projects. Drawing on her experience in the fields of government, high tech, and non-profits, Susan helps people build their leadership skills as they develop strong working teams. Whether coaching senior leaders, mid-managers, project leaders, or new managers on leadership skills, Susan expertly instills confidence and innovative mindsets. She is the author of Creating a Greater Whole: A Project Manager’s Guide to Becoming a Leader. Her clients comment on how she makes the complex simple. They find her easy to work with and full of creative approaches.